The first track released from Sydney’s Punk/bluegrass upstarts - Little Bastard starts off small with minimal harmonica and a chugging acoustic strum then explodes into a Phil Spector-esque wall of country Blue Grass sound.
I’ve had the awesome pleasure of seeing these guys a shit tonne of times as well as booking them for a warehouse show.
Imagine Joe Strummer fronting a Bluegrass Band.
They boast a sound which is one part Bluegrass, one Part Country all parts Party and feature members from The Underlights, Achoo! Bless You, Panama and many more. 
Their first headline show is just after Christmas check them here.

Fun Fact: The band and track are named after James Dean’s fatal Porsche Spyder.

Major Leagues - Teen Mums

I found these guys today and it made my day. Major Leagues are from Brisbane and feature past members of Magic Spells and manage to capture a nostalgia that a lot of bands aim for but seem to miss. The female vocals are amazing and remind of the bass player from Yuck. 

Sonically I am in love, guitars capturing the warmest tones which sit perfectly on top of a cruise-controled rhythm section  which would make this the perfect driving tune. The guitars harness just the right amount of haze while dodge anything corny. Major Leagues are ones to watch this summer

Black Zeros - Teen Boy

Black Zeros are a Boy/Girl two piece from Sydney making fun thrashy surf punk. Teen Boy is their first official single and shows a slightly higher production value than previous demos and would sit awesomely on a Clueless soundtrack. With wicked 90’s production and “tongue in someone else’s cheek” lyrics, Teen Boy has been on repeat all day. 

Sits nicely in a playlist with Bad Reputation - Joan Jett or as the soundtrack to your hair brush karaoke. 

Dead Radio - Tokeloshe (New Sound)

Sydney’s Dead Radio have come out with a massive 5:35 minute psych fest for their debut track “Tokeloshe”. With soaring guitars taking you on the psychedelic roller-coaster you have been craving and a droning bass line to bring you back to reality and back down to earth the track oozes with effortlessness and shines hope for psychedelic music on the East Coast in it’s effort to catch up to Perth’s strong movement.